Wedesday’s Papers UK Front Pages and Headlines


Boris Johnson is backing calls for NHS and care home staff to be given mandatory COVID vaccines – that’s the lead in The Times.

Pressure on the head of the Metropolitan Police is the lead in the Daily Mail – following a report into the force’s handling of the 1987 murder of private investigator Daniel Morgan.

The Daily Mirror, which is campaigning for defibrillators to be available in all public places, has spoken to former footballer Fabrice Muamba, whose heart stopped after he collapsed on the pitch in 2012. 

The i leads on a crisis in the provision of state care for people with mental illness, as detailed by an NHS whistleblower.

The Guardian says the government could face legal challenges if it opts to force all NHS and care home workers to have COVID vaccine jabs.

Scientists advising ministers on COVID have told them more research is needed before children are vaccinated en masse. That’s the lead in The Daily Telegraph.

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