One Month Ago’s Papers UK Front Pages and Headlines


The Daily Mail says Dominic Raab’s job is “hanging by a thread” as it emerged that a crucial call to save British translators’ lives in Afghanistan was delegated to a junior minister.

The Times leads with the story that three of Britain’s most senior civil servants, whose departments are overseeing the evacuation from Afghanistan, are on holiday. 

The Guardian highlights mounting pressure on the foreign secretary over claims he refused to take calls about Afghanistan’s collapse while he was on holiday.

The father of Stuart Lubbock has said he will continue to fight for justice for his son, who was found dead in Michael Barrymore’s pool in 2001, after a man suspected of his murder was...

The i claims most of the UK public believe Britain’s 20-year mission in Afghanistan has been a waste of time and lives and 60% of voters say the country should give asylum to every Afghan...

US President Joe Biden has hit back at Britain and other NATO allies, claiming they “had a choice” to stay in Afghanistan despite the United States pulling out, according to The Daily Telegraph. 

The Metro leads with a story about a desperate mother handing her infant daughter to an American soldier in Kabul, as the Taliban continue to take hold of Afghanistan.

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