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Boris Johnson is backing calls for NHS and care home staff to be given mandatory COVID vaccines – that’s the lead in The Times.

The Guardian says the government could face legal challenges if it opts to force all NHS and care home workers to have COVID vaccine jabs.

Scientists advising ministers on COVID have told them more research is needed before children are vaccinated en masse. That’s the lead in The Daily Telegraph.

All adults in England will be able to book a COVID vaccination by the end of the week, the head of the NHS has said, reports the Metro.

As nine million people live under new COVID restrictions, the i newspaper says there will be no further unlocking for another four weeks and possibly longer

Ministers have been told that a four-week delay to easing all COVID restrictions would probably prevent thousands of hospital admissions, The Guardian reports.

The Financial Times splashes on US President Joe Biden winning support from his fellow G7 leaders in Cornwall by calling for continued economic stimulus to reverse the effects of the COVID crisis on the global...

The i says only 2% of people admitted to hospital with the Indian (Delta) variant had received two doses of a COVID vaccine, and two thirds were unvaccinated.

The Times reports on “COVID chaos” at airports as Britons rush to leave Portugal before it moves to the government’s red list, bringing extra requirement for travellers.

The i draws our attention to the continuing risk of “long COVID”, particularly for young and unvaccinated people.

The Daily Telegraph joins most of the other papers in leading with the news that Portugal has been placed on the amber travel list. It also features a picture of Boris Johnson getting his second COVID...

The Daily Mirror leads with “Johnson’s schools betrayal” after the education catch-up tsar resigned after getting “a fraction of the cash needed for the COVID scheme”.

Like several of the other papers, The Times splashes on the UK recording no new COVID deaths in the most recent 24-hour period, raising hopes the government will stick to its 21 June timetable for...

The Guardian’s front page focuses on plans to extend the school day to allow pupils to catch up on time lost during COVID lockdowns.Unions have criticised the plans as “inadequate”, the paper reports.

The Daily Telegraph leads on the mounting pressure on Boris Johnson to delay the final step of easing COVID restrictions on 21 June following Nicola Sturgeon’s decision to delay on Tuesday.

The Times reports that the school day will be extended by half an hour under a £15bn COVID rescue plan to help Britain’s children to catch up after months of disrupted education. 

Britain’s “more jabs, more jobs” bounceback from COVID-19 is paying off with a record recovery, with economists now expecting us to beat all major rich nations this year with 7.2% growth, the Daily Express writes.

Scientists have urged the government to speed up second doses of COVID vaccines and delay a decision on easing lockdown restrictions on 21 June in an attempt to tackle rising cases, The Guardian reports.

The Daily Telegraph reports that richer countries must urgently give more COVID vaccines to poorer nations or risk new variants emerging that could bring about future lockdowns, according to leading bodies.

The government wants everyone in the top nine priority groups to be protected by two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine before 21 June – that’s on the front of The Times.

The Daily Express reports on the race to offer all over 50s a second COVID-19 jab by 21 June, when it is hoped that restrictions in England will end.

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