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The Times leads with taxpayers facing a multibillion-pound bill to help energy companies cope with the fallout from rising gas prices under plans being considered by ministers. 

Boris Johnson will push Joe Biden to change COVID travel rules and let Britons fly to the US when they meet tomorrow in the White House for the first time, The Daily Telegraph reports. 

The Guardian writes that Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng will hold an emergency meeting with gas industry chiefs on Monday morning in an effort to contain the fallout caused by soaring market prices on consumers and...

The Financial Times reports that the UK’s largest energy suppliers are requesting a multibillion-pound emergency support package from the government to help them survive the crisis sparked by gas prices. 

Leading energy firms are pushing for a cap to be scrapped completely or increased if they are forced to take on households that have been stranded without a supplier, the i reports.

Metro writes that a Cabinet minister has insisted there is no need to panic as an energy crisis sends gas and electricity bills soaring – and threatens supplies of festive food, drink and even turkeys...

The speaker of the House of Commons has intervened after a female MP was forced to pull out of the Labour party conference due to online threats, The Sunday Times reports. 

The government has been scrambling to reassure Britons that rising gas prices would not plunge the country into an energy crisis, as ministers held a series of emergency meetings with energy companies and regulators, The Observer...

The Times says demand for foreign travel is set to reach its highest level since the pandemic, following changes to the travel list system. 

A group of senior scientific advisors have told The Guardian that ministers have been “unwilling” to listen to their advice on controlling the pandemic. 

The Daily Express expects ministers to scrap green and amber lists for British travellers in favour of one “no-go” category for the world’s worst-hit COVID hotspots.

The Times reports on concerns that the UK and US’s defence pact with Australia could lead to Britain being dragged into a war with China.

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