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A tax “raid” on wealthy pensioners is imminent, according to The Times.It says the lifetime pension allowance will be frozen at £1m in the Budget, meaning more people may have to pay “punitive tax charges”.

There will be no pay rise for NHS workers in next week’s Budget and the chancellor won’t make a decision until May, the i newspaper says

The Queen’s comments on people who are unsure about whether to have the vaccine also lead The Daily Telegraph. The 94-year-old had the jab at Windsor Castle in January, the paper adds.

The Queen told people working on the vaccine roll out that her experience was “very quick” and “didn’t hurt at all”, reports Metro. The monarch also said people with doubts needed to do the right thing...

The Guardian leads with a warning that the UK could get more extreme winters after scientists said the Gulf Stream was its weakest for more than 1,000 years.

Schools could see widespread grade inflation this year as teachers will be allowed to reward results following last year’s exams fiasco, according to The Times. 

A group of senior Tory MPs are urging the chancellor not to hike taxes when he reveals his Budget next week, cautioning that families and firms should not be burdened as they try to bounce...

The i reports that a rise in COVID rule-breaking has prompted officials to launch a new campaign encouraging people to “stay at home” as lockdown fatigue kicks in.

Teachers will have extended powers to decide exam results in England this year and will be not required to use previous results as a guide under new government plans, The Guardian says. 

The Daily Mirror reports that some children may not be back in the classroom on 8 March due to the “huge logistical challenge” of setting up COVID-19 testing. 

Finally, something to look forward to… Reading and Leeds festivals will be going ahead this year with some acts signed up already, says Metro. More on this story here. 

India’s prime minister Narendra Modi has renamed the world’s largest cricket stadium after himself – a move branded by critics as the “height of narcissism” – according to The Financial Times. 

The Sun leads on golfing star Tiger Woods’ horror car crash in Los Angeles which has left him with “multiple leg injuries”. More on this story here. 

The stamp duty holiday will be extended for three months until June under new plans being drawn up by Chancellor Rishi Sunak to keep the property market going, according to The Times. 

The Daily Mirror leads on a surge in demand for holiday bookings following Boris Johnson’s announcement that trips abroad could be allowed as early as 17 May. Here’s the full story.

Ministers are being urged to offer some vaccines in the comfort of people’s homes over fears there are hard to reach or deprived communities missing out because they are unable or unwilling to travel to...

Metro says Boris Johnson has ordered a review into whether vaccine passports could be used in the UK for things like international travel and entering pubs and restaurants. 

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has told her country there are hopes to move out of lockdown by April – but her announcement was overshadowed by continued furore over her handling of complaints against predecessor...

The Daily Mirror is looking forward to the “best days of our lives” as it was revealed the last lockdown restrictions could be lifted as early as 21 June. 

Most of England’s economy is set to be reopened by May as part of Boris Johnson’s “one-way road to freedom”, writes The Times. You can read more on this story here. 

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