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The Times leads with taxpayers facing a multibillion-pound bill to help energy companies cope with the fallout from rising gas prices under plans being considered by ministers. 

The Times says demand for foreign travel is set to reach its highest level since the pandemic, following changes to the travel list system. 

The Times reports on concerns that the UK and US’s defence pact with Australia could lead to Britain being dragged into a war with China.

Most adults will be offered a COVID booster jab in the coming months and children over 12 can receive a first dose as Boris Johnson seeks to protect the country against a “prolonged and unpredictable”...

Chinese tech company Huawei has been accused of “infiltrating” a research centre at Cambridge University – that’s the top story in The Times.

The Times claims booster vaccines are expected to get the go-ahead early next week after data showed they give a “several-fold increase” in vital antibodies that protect against coronavirus.

The Times is leading on Boris Johnson’s newly announced £12bn social care plan, which will see the tax burden rise to its highest level in 70 years.

Home Secretary Priti Patel has threatened to withhold millions of pounds promised to the French after a record number of migrants arrived in the UK on Monday, according to The Times.

The vaccination of teenagers is set to begin next week, despite the decision of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation not to recommend vaccinating those under 16 – that’s on the front of The...

Health Secretary Sajid Javid is pushing for a 2% increase in National Insurance to fund the NHS and social care, The Times reports.

“Our country is liberated but we are left with ruins” – The Times reports on the scene in Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul, after the last US soldier left the country.

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