Thursday’s Papers UK Front Pages and Headlines


A government deal for more than 100 million more vaccine doses means the possibility of a fourth COVID jab for all adults is now closer than ever, The Times says.

Data from some countries affected by Omicron has suggested cases are mild, raising hopes the variant won’t be as dangerous as first thought, the Daily Express reports.

Ministers have been told not to be festive “killjoys”, the Daily Mail says, after Health Secretary Sajid Javid said people should take lateral flow tests before Christmas socialising. 

The paper has a follow-up to Wednesday’s story about parties being held at Number 10 in the run-up to Christmas last year.It alleges that Boris Johnson enjoyed party games, drinks, and food at a leaving…

The Telegraph is reporting that the UK government has bought enough vaccines to protect the nation from COVID variants for the next two years. The order equates to two booster jabs per adult. 

GPs could be allowed to cease monitoring some patients with underlying health problems in a bid to free them up for the booster jab drive, The Guardian reports.

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