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A tax “raid” on wealthy pensioners is imminent, according to The Times.It says the lifetime pension allowance will be frozen at £1m in the Budget, meaning more people may have to pay “punitive tax charges”.

Schools could see widespread grade inflation this year as teachers will be allowed to reward results following last year’s exams fiasco, according to The Times. 

The stamp duty holiday will be extended for three months until June under new plans being drawn up by Chancellor Rishi Sunak to keep the property market going, according to The Times. 

Most of England’s economy is set to be reopened by May as part of Boris Johnson’s “one-way road to freedom”, writes The Times. You can read more on this story here. 

On Monday, Boris Johnson is set to outline the four tests of when and if parts of the economy can restart as lockdown eases, according to The Times. Sky News has taken a look at how...

You can watch the Press Preview on Sky News every evening at 10.30pm and 11.30pm. Saturday night’s reviewers will be Matthew Syed, columnist for The Times and The Sunday Times, and journalist and author Christina Patterson.

There is hope for people who want to take overseas holidays in the summer, The Times says, adding vaccine passports are under discussion by the government.

Thousands more young people are turning to “safe” careers such as nursing, medicine and engineering amid the economic chaos of the pandemic, reports The Times.

The Times says it understands that vaccination is “already reducing hospital admissions, deaths and transmission of coronavirus in Britain”, according to what it calls “encouraging” early data. 

According to internal government projections seen by The Times, the number of coronavirus patients in hospitals in England will more than halve over the next month.

Social distancing may have to stay in place until autumn under plans being considered by ministers – that’s the lead in The Times.

The prime minister appeals to the last two million people over 70 to come forward and get their COVID-19 vaccination – that’s on the front of The Times.

The Times says the penalty for lying about where one arrived in the UK from could be up to 10 years in jail or for avoiding quarantine, a £10,000 fine.

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