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The Guardian writes that Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng will hold an emergency meeting with gas industry chiefs on Monday morning in an effort to contain the fallout caused by soaring market prices on consumers and...

A group of senior scientific advisors have told The Guardian that ministers have been “unwilling” to listen to their advice on controlling the pandemic. 

The Guardian leads with backlash over the US and UK’s nuclear submarine pact with Australia, citing concerns that the alliance could provoke China and prompt conflict in the Pacific.

The Guardian has a warning that up to 7,000 people a day could be admitted to hospital with COVID-19 in England next month unless the government introduces stricter measures.

The Guardian says GPs are “struggling to guarantee safe care” for millions of patients due to a shortage of medics, citing Britain’s top family doctor.

The Guardian leads with new research that says scrapping the £1,000-a-year boost to universal credit next month will result in mental illness and poorer health for thousands of people, and will hit the sickest areas...

The Guardian reports on warnings from experts and professionals that Boris Johnson’s £12bn health and social care plan will fail to fix the healthcare crisis.

The Guardian has a warning that the West has not got a “coherent plan” to deal with the Afghans who have managed to escape from the Taliban.

The Guardian splashes on a story about the warnings the Foreign Office received about the Taliban ahead of their takeover of Afghanistan, following Dominic Raab’s appearance before MPs.

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