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The Financial Times says Boris Johnson has thwarted the calls of business leaders for prolonged financial support after delaying the end of lockdown by four weeks.

The Financial Times says US president Joe Biden has challenged leaders of G7 countries to use their financial muscle to counter China’s rising global influence.

The Financial Times splashes on US President Joe Biden winning support from his fellow G7 leaders in Cornwall by calling for continued economic stimulus to reverse the effects of the COVID crisis on the global...

Boris Johnson will face pressure from Joe Biden to work with the EU to end a bitter stand-off over a settlement in Northern Ireland, the Financial Times writes.

The Financial Times says Rishi Sunak is pushing to win a carve-out for the City’s big banks in the G7’s drive for a new global tax system to cover the world’s “largest and most profitable...

Finance ministers are plotting a raid on Amazon’s lucrative cloud computing business to ensure it pays more corporate tax under a new G7 agreement on a global rate, reports the Financial Times.

The leading advanced economies are set to strike a common position on taxing multinational companies in an attempt to end a three-decade race to the bottom in corporate taxation and raise extra revenue for governments,...

The Financial Times leads on a story that global food prices rose by 40% in May, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation. This will hit poorer countries particularly hard, the paper reports.

Commodities trader Trafigura warned Credit Suisse last year that the bank’s supply-chain finance funds appeared to contain a suspicious invoice, the Financial Times reports.

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