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Holiday plans for millions of people have been thrown into doubt after the PM introduced new measures to combat the Omicron variant of coronavirus, The Sunday Times reports.

The Sunday Times leads with a story about the deal struck between world leaders at the end of COP26, reporting Alok Sharma was reduced to tears as he apologised to delegates for the way a...

The paper reports that the Tory party has been accused of abusing the honours system by systematically offering seats in the House of Lords to a select group of multimillionaire donors.

The Sunday Times leads on a story about a British soldier who is accused of killing a woman while training in Kenya. The paper claims the soldier joked about the murder on Facebook with fellow squaddies.

The Sunday Times has an interview with an ex-squaddie who recalls the moment a British soldier allegedly broke down in tears and allegedly confessed to murdering a 21-year-old woman while training in Kenya.

Wayne Couzens, the police officer who murdered Sarah Everard, was deployed to guard MPs at the Houses of Parliament on numerous occasions, The Sunday Times reports.

Boris Johnson is backing a new generation of nuclear reactors, which he sees as essential to the government achieving its 2050 net zero targets, according to The Sunday Times.

The speaker of the House of Commons has intervened after a female MP was forced to pull out of the Labour party conference due to online threats, The Sunday Times reports. 

One of Prince Charles’s closest aides has quit after claims he fixed an honour for a Saudi who had donated more than £1.5m to royal charities, according to The Sunday Times.

Ministers have warned that Britain will have to tear up its foreign policy after the debacle in Afghanistan, amid flaring tempers about America’s withdrawal, writes The Sunday Times.

Some universities have refused to return to full face-to-face teaching in the autumn, despite the government easing all coronavirus restrictions – that’s on the front of The Sunday Times.

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