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The speaker of the House of Commons has intervened after a female MP was forced to pull out of the Labour party conference due to online threats, The Sunday Times reports. 

One of Prince Charles’s closest aides has quit after claims he fixed an honour for a Saudi who had donated more than £1.5m to royal charities, according to The Sunday Times.

Ministers have warned that Britain will have to tear up its foreign policy after the debacle in Afghanistan, amid flaring tempers about America’s withdrawal, writes The Sunday Times.

Some universities have refused to return to full face-to-face teaching in the autumn, despite the government easing all coronavirus restrictions – that’s on the front of The Sunday Times.

The Sunday Times leads with the story that Chancellor Rishi Sunak has written to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, saying that travel restrictions should be lifted “urgently” to help with the economy and the travel industry.

The Sunday Times says private schools have been accused of using COVID A-level disruption to “play the system” by lobbying top universities to take pupils who would not usually qualify for a place, even before...

The Sunday Times says Monday’s unlocking in England is bringing “mayhem” – especially for the government, with the PM having to deal with the fall-out from Sajid Javid’s positive test and the possibility other cabinet members...

Up to 30 million people in Britain are thought to have watched England beat Ukraine in the Euro 2020 match – that’s according to The Sunday Times.

The Sunday Times leads with conflict between Downing Street and the Treasury, with the PM accused of announcing plans costing billions of pounds when there is no money to pay for them.

British intelligence agents have said the notion that the coronavirus pandemic could have started from a Wuhan lab leak is “feasible” – despite strong denials from China – according to The Sunday Times. 

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