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Sunday Times33

British intelligence agents have said the notion that the coronavirus pandemic could have started from a Wuhan lab leak is “feasible” – despite strong denials from China – according to The Sunday Times. 

Former government adviser Dominic Cummings has accused Boris Johnson of having pursued a secret policy of herd immunity before the first coronavirus lockdown – that’s on the front of The Sunday Times.

The Sunday Times devotes its whole front page to a portrait of the late Duke of Edinburgh, describing him as “the greatest consort the world has seen”.

The Sunday Times claims that a “scandal-hit banker” enriched himself through a loans scheme after then-PM David Cameron gave him special access to Whitehall departments and agencies.

The Sunday Times says Buckingham Palace’s inquiry into claims the Duchess of Sussex bullied royal staff is to be handed to independent external investigators.

The Times says tens of thousands of young people will get their first step on the housing ladder under a new mortgage guarantee scheme due to be announced in the Budget next week.

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