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Boris Johnson is being warned that progress on climate change could be scuppered by developing nations if they are not given equitable access to vaccines, The Observer says.

The Observer leads on a warning from Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer, who says plans to lift almost all COVID restrictions from 21 June could be delayed due to serial incompetence from the government. 

The Observer writes that Boris Johnson is under mounting pressure to reconsider Monday’s relaxation of COVID-19 rules in England because of the threat posed by the India variant.

The Observer leads with the Labour Party’s efforts to recover from its disappointing performance in ‘Super Thursday’ elections.

Billions of pounds in aid and a massive export of vaccines are needed to prevent COVID-19 overwhelming health services in South America, Asia, and Africa in the next few weeks – that’s on the front...

The Observer reports that the Labour Party is hoping to force a senior minister to account for the growing “sleaze crisis” engulfing No 10.

The Guardian splashes on pregnant women now being allowed a coronavirus jab. The paper also pays tribute to actress Helen McCrory, who died of cancer.

The Observer features Prince Charles’s moving tribute to his “dear Papa”. It also warns a third coronavirus wave could be on the way, due to a number of virus hotspots still remaining in some areas of...

The Observer says demands are growing for greater legal protection after the government was “deluged with thousands of personal stories of harassment from women and girls across the country”.

The Observer leads on a poll suggesting 72% of the public believe the 1% pay rise offered to NHS workers is too low, as a backlash grows over the government proposals. 

Chancellor Rishi Sunak will offer individual grants of up to £18,000 as part of a £5bn rescue scheme to prevent bankruptcies, The Observer reports.

Boris Johnson is confident that 15 million Britons will have received their first vaccine by Monday, according to The Observer – with a leading scientist telling the newspaper that the UK repeatedly failed to heed early warnings about...

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