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The i leads on a crisis in the provision of state care for people with mental illness, as detailed by an NHS whistleblower.

As nine million people live under new COVID restrictions, the i newspaper says there will be no further unlocking for another four weeks and possibly longer

The i says only 2% of people admitted to hospital with the Indian (Delta) variant had received two doses of a COVID vaccine, and two thirds were unvaccinated.

The i draws our attention to the continuing risk of “long COVID”, particularly for young and unvaccinated people.

The i says “Holiday in the UK to save 21 June”, as the paper reports on the changes to the holiday travel list. 21 June is when the next stage of lockdown measures is due...

The i leads with data revealing that out of 7,837 complaints to police forces across the UK about racist behaviour, only 181 resulted in formal action.

The i reports that ministers are aiming to offer a second COVID-19 vaccine dose to all over 50s in the next three weeks.

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