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The Guardian says the government could face legal challenges if it opts to force all NHS and care home workers to have COVID vaccine jabs.

Ministers have been told that a four-week delay to easing all COVID restrictions would probably prevent thousands of hospital admissions, The Guardian reports.

The Guardian leads with an interview with Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer, who says Boris Johnson has shown a “lack of courage” in his reluctance to condemn fans who boo players taking the knee.

Some of the UK’s biggest care home operators have told The Guardian they repeatedly warned Health Secretary Matt Hancock’s department about the risk of not testing people discharged from hospitals into care homes in March...

Chancellor Rishi Sunak is willing to accept a delay of up to four weeks to the final stage of England’s reopening roadmap, The Guardian reports.

Boris Johnson set himself on a collision course with scores of his MPs as Number 10 suggested it would defy an order by Commons Speaker Lindsay Hoyle to bring a vote on foreign aid cuts,...

The minimum global corporate tax rate backed by G7 countries might not be enough to make Amazon pay its fair share, according to The Guardian.

School leaders are calling for pupils to be vaccinated as a matter of priority after UK regulators approved a jab for 12 to 15-year-olds and data showed outbreaks of the Indian (Delta) variant in schools...

“No 10 tightens borders and travel rules as variants spark new alarm” is The Guardian splash. The paper adds that the Delta variant – first identified in India – may be more likely to “cause...

Coronavirus policies may be leaving psychological and socioeconomic scars on millions of young people across Europe, The Guardian reports.

The Guardian’s front page focuses on plans to extend the school day to allow pupils to catch up on time lost during COVID lockdowns.Unions have criticised the plans as “inadequate”, the paper reports.

Scientists have urged the government to speed up second doses of COVID vaccines and delay a decision on easing lockdown restrictions on 21 June in an attempt to tackle rising cases, The Guardian reports.

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