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The Guardian leads with a warning that the UK could get more extreme winters after scientists said the Gulf Stream was its weakest for more than 1,000 years.

Teachers will have extended powers to decide exam results in England this year and will be not required to use previous results as a guide under new government plans, The Guardian says. 

Ministers are being urged to offer some vaccines in the comfort of people’s homes over fears there are hard to reach or deprived communities missing out because they are unable or unwilling to travel to...

Spring and summer are set to be “incomparably better” following months of tight coronavirus restrictions, Boris Johnson is quoted as saying in The Guardian. 

Six friends – or two households – will be allowed to meet outside from Easter as the government takes a more cautious approach to lockdown easing, writes The Guardian. All the details can be found here.

The government’s chief medical officer Professor Chris Whitty has objected to the prime minister’s plans to ease lockdown in the coming weeks, according to reports in The Guardian.

The Guardian leads with Facebook’s news ban in Australia, adding the Silicon Valley giant has come under fire across the globe over its decision. 

The Guardian reports that coronavirus cases in England have fallen by two-thirds in a month, but the virus is now spreading fastest among primary-aged children and young people, according to the latest scientific study.

Nearly two million more people have been told to shield as research confirmed deprived and minority ethnic groups are at higher risk of the virus, The Guardian reports.

The Guardian leads with a story about the prime minister’s former senior aide, Dominic Cummings, who has told a judge he did not ask for a company to be given a government contract because bosses...

Thousands of vulnerable people in the UK are at risk of being overlooked for vaccination amid confusion over who is to be included in the crucial next wave of the programme, according to The Guardian.

The Guardian leads on the government’s road-building plans, saying Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has ignored the legal requirement to factor in environmental concerns, throwing them into doubt. 

The prime minister has been accused of betraying leaseholders after a new fund to fix unsafe cladding was revealed to have left many still facing financial ruin – that’s on the front of The Guardian.

The Guardian says the new tough punishments for COVID travel rule-breakers which become law on Monday, are an attempt to stop the new variants reaching the UK.

The Guardian says the new COVID variants are prompting calls for tougher border controls amid fears they may damage the UK’s vaccination programme.

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