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Financial Times15

The Financial Times leads with a warning from the Bank of England’s new chief economist that inflation is likely to rise “close to or even slightly above five percent” early next year, which comes ahead...

Sajid Javid said on 20 October that England is facing its last chance to avoid a return to COVID-19 restrictions, which feature on the front page of the Financial Times.

The Financial Times leads with a Republican politician in the United States calling China a threat to the “American homeland”. The comments come after Bejing reportedly tested a hypersonic nuclear missile in August, which could...

The Financial Times reports that metals tycoon Sanjeev Gupta has agreed a financial restructuring of his Australian steelworks and will inject £50m into his UK plants.

Gas prices have declined sharply after Russian President Vladimir Putin hinted his country was prepared to stabilise the soaring global energy costs, according to the paper.

Boris Johnson is to tell Conservative Party members that some businesses use high immigration as an excuse not to invest in their company or staff, the Financial Times reports.

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