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Daily Telegraph23

The Daily Telegraph writes that latest figures show the booster rollout vaccinated fewer people over the weekend than it did before ministers promised to put it “on steroids”. 

Pestering women in the street, making lewd comments and cat-calling could become a crime in a new law covering public sexual harassment, reports The Daily Telegraph.The Daily Telegraph

The Telegraph is reporting that the UK government has bought enough vaccines to protect the nation from COVID variants for the next two years. The order equates to two booster jabs per adult. 

The fallout from the migrant deaths continues to dominate the front pages, with The Daily Telegraph leading on comments from a husband, who believes his wife was on the boat that deflated and killed several...

The UK must cut taxes and reduce regulation, Brexit minister Lord Frost has said. The Daily Telegraph quotes him as saying the country shouldn’t “import the European social model”.

The Daily Telegraph splashes on the home secretary’s plan to crack down on migrants with tougher rules and new “purpose-built reception centres” modelled after camps being built in Greece.

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