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And readers of the Daily Star have been urged to “do your duty” and follow new rules on mandatory face coverings in shops. The paper is running a competition for 150 readers to win a Dominic Cummings face mask.
Daily Star21

The Daily Star bring us good news…..for bats! It says that after a terrible year of being blamed for starting the coronavirus pandemic, the World Health Organisation is now demanding an end to “cruel wet...

The Daily Star says people in England face a tough choice on Monday – whether to go to the pub or have a haircut – as the next stage in easing lockdown kicks in.Non-essential shops...

Following the Duke of Edinburgh’s death at 99, the Daily Star has a picture of the royal raising his bowler hat and describes him as the Queen’s “Rock”, saying he stood by her side for...

The Daily Star claims that topping up your tan releases a chemical which helps fight COVID-19, and the paper adds it is more effective than vitamin D.

The Daily Star takes aim at Prince Harry and Meghan after the Archbishop of Canterbury claimed he did not wed the couple three days before their televised wedding. 

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