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The Daily Mirror reports that some children may not be back in the classroom on 8 March due to the “huge logistical challenge” of setting up COVID-19 testing. 

The Daily Mirror leads on a surge in demand for holiday bookings following Boris Johnson’s announcement that trips abroad could be allowed as early as 17 May. Here’s the full story.

The Daily Mirror is looking forward to the “best days of our lives” as it was revealed the last lockdown restrictions could be lifted as early as 21 June. 

The Daily Mirror leads on the prime minister’s claims that lockdown will be eased “in stages” and “with caution”. You can read the latest on restrictions being eased here.

You can watch the Press Preview on Sky News every evening at 10.30pm and 11.30pm.The Daily Mirror’s associate editor Kevin Maguire and the Daily Mail’s consultant editor Andrew Pierce will review Thursday’s papers tomorrow night.

Harry and Meghan’s forthcoming interview with Oprah Winfrey will cause a “great deal of nervousness”, the Daily Mirror quotes “royal sources” as saying.

The Daily Mirror reports on people aged over 70 who have not had a COVID jab now being told to call the NHS, instead of waiting to be contacted for a vaccine appointment.

The country was “united in applause” as it paid tribute to Captain Sir Tom Moore on Wednesday night, the Daily Mirror says.It pictures a nurse clapping in its picture – the 100-year-old’s extraordinary final year...

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